Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Visit To Batik RM

It was a wonderfull and fun trip...:) honestly i never go to any place such as Batik RM... (although i'm an AD student LOL~ hehe) and for me it was an unforgetable experience :) There, i had a chance to see how batik was made..and chill out with friends and all... and yea! it was a lot of fun..

Visiting Batik RM..

Sheeda and friend :)

In the jungle... hehe :)

Yaya and friends promoting free drinks :p

Majid and the gang

Random snap
Fish painting batik style :()
A handkraft that i see hanging on the wall... nice :>

Kool batik painting!!
Great Painting!! the media used was acrylic... maybe.. :<>

Another painting :) great coloration :> quite abstract..
The atmosphere in the Batik shop
Full of flora and fauna :)

They even got cats! >__<

Atmosphere in the batik studio

The tools to make batik