Monday, September 14, 2009

birth cirtificate

Friday, June 19, 2009

Making Rangoli

Our Task this time is to make a rangoli as beutifull as we can, using provided materials which is... mostly beans.. for your information, rangoli is a type of art form originated from india, it is a form of sand painting decoration which uses finely ground white powder and colors or some other materials such as rice, flower and beans.... a rongoli can be a wall art as well as floor art..

10 percent finished~ the main subject taken was a head of mickey mouse...

Stop 2 minutes for a snap :)

And then we're back 2 work!

Work like crazy!! :) so havoc!!

90 percent done!!

a lil' touch up on the mickey nose :()

99 percent huhu :"

Other team products

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Visit To Batik RM

It was a wonderfull and fun trip...:) honestly i never go to any place such as Batik RM... (although i'm an AD student LOL~ hehe) and for me it was an unforgetable experience :) There, i had a chance to see how batik was made..and chill out with friends and all... and yea! it was a lot of fun..

Visiting Batik RM..

Sheeda and friend :)

In the jungle... hehe :)

Yaya and friends promoting free drinks :p

Majid and the gang

Random snap
Fish painting batik style :()
A handkraft that i see hanging on the wall... nice :>

Kool batik painting!!
Great Painting!! the media used was acrylic... maybe.. :<>

Another painting :) great coloration :> quite abstract..
The atmosphere in the Batik shop
Full of flora and fauna :)

They even got cats! >__<

Atmosphere in the batik studio

The tools to make batik

Monday, June 15, 2009

What Is AD

What is AD? What do you know about AD course? AD stands for art and design.. a course which in IKIP covers the 2 main branch of Art and design provided courses... ~Fine Art~ and ~GRAPHIC DESIGN~ There is soooooo much to explain when ppl ask you 'what is art?' but for now i just want to talk about Fine Art..... the course that i've take... and currently my best interest and my obsession...:)

Fine Art~The Definition

Fine art is any art form that developed primarily for aesthethics and concept rather than utility.. fine art is mostly expressed in the production of art objects using perfomance and visual art form including PAINTINGS, SCULPTURE, MUSIC, DANCE, THEATER, PRINTMAKING, AND ARCHITECTURE...

Indahkhayal Says~ senihalus-bestnye disebabkan skill atau kemahiran sehingga membentuk falsafah seni yangmengatakan seni itu kemahiran mengawal tangan dalam membentuk karya....

Some Of My Drawings...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

IEC Task: Making Newspaper Tower

It was one of the activities that i personally adore :) Making tower as tall as possible just by using only newspaper as the media -__- ummnnn.... thats crazy hehe :p still... we're having sooooo much fun! and everybody are giving soooo much effort to make the tower stand, that, in the end of the day we're still laughing although we dont win lol :p here's some pic that i manage to snap during the activities :)

Making the tower process with Ayie and Shah :)

The Tower

Dear AD student :<> are this faces look familiar 2 you :p

The Atmosphere :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

IEC ~Intensive English Course

Currently, i was called to attend a yayasan pahang Sponsered program called IEC~ stands 4 Intensive English Course.. It was a program means to developed students interest and ability in English language. At first I tought that this program is boring and its preety much bothered me because i have like sooooooooooooooooooo much activities to do during this semester break ~T__T~ ...U know... like painting... fishing ..and stuff.. but as i get into this program.. I've learn that the activities they've provided are not that boring... and it is preety much fun actually :) I've got a chance to use English more often (which was so hard to do in my place) and build more sense of confident as I join more contest and activities :)

Kelahiran ~The Birth~

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